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Zak: Hello and welcome to Vox Markets. I'm joined by Dr. Vladislav Sandler, who's CEO and co-founder of Hemogenyx.

Vlad: Hi, Zack. Thank you for inviting me. I'm good today. And as you correctly pointed out, I co-founder and CEO of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals.

Zak: It's just good to underline the fact that this is your baby, your idea and your concept. So what was interesting this week is that you actually came out with an announcement, which could be probably, from my perspective, at least a world beating one, a really welcome one. I would describe it as a sort of universal virus killer. And so far, the market doesn't seem to have noticed or understood that what you're actually sitting on. How would you describe the latest CPR update?

Vlad: Well, we worked on this platform for quite a while, and this is a transformational platform that we discovered transformational for both the company and for potentially the patients. And I would say that it takes probably time for the market to digest what is happening. But in short, we basically worked on this for quite a while and we came to we came up with the solution of most viral infections using this platform.

Zak: Really this smallcap or micro-cap company that you are at the moment. If you could monetize this, you would not be a small cap microcap company anymore. What are the barriers to monetization, to development of this product?

Vlad: Right. So we filed a provisional patent application that covers this platform and that was a lot of work because the platform itself is quite big and we have to pay very serious attention of how to describe it and how to protect the intellectual property behind this development. And the next step would be to demonstrate in-vivo in a model with a real infectious virus. And we're working with a third party that can give us access to so called BSL three facility that the facility where we can work with real infectious viruses to demonstrate that this approach works in the real world. So that's the first step that we're going to take. And then after after we establish this, it works in vivo. We will start talking to a number of big companies, trying to get them on board to support this, to support this development and to take it to take it to the clinic, basically.

Zak: But I mean, clearly you're satisfied that it works before obviously having to demonstrate to the outside world that it works.

Vlad: Yes. So we did a lot of work. We worked on this for almost three years, even before COVID. And we you know, we had to overcome a lot of different obstacles because it's such a new thing. We didn't know where to go and how to do it. We had an original idea, but now we know that it does work. So we demonstrated that it does work in vitro and we know how to modify this chimeric receptor SEEBER To adapt it to different viruses and then potentially to adapt it to even attack malignant or cancer cells.

Zak: All right. So obviously it's very early stage, but can you what's the addressable market as people like to talk about?

Vlad: We didn't even try to figure it out simply because it will depend on what's on the applications. So for example, if we think about COVID, then it's it's clear that there are hundreds of thousands of immunocompromised and older people who get the virus and whoever serious that causes a very serious condition in this in this in these patients. And they need some sort of treatment beyond vaccines and beyond the antibodies that exist. So we think that the market is large and it doesn't seem like, for example, COVID will will go away forever. We tried also this for other types of types of viruses. In fact, we started with measles and people would probably wonder why measles. But the reality is that measles kills more than 100,000 people in the developed world per year. So there is market there, too. And obviously there are other applications for this platform. For example, such applications as biodefense and we don't know what's the market there.

Zak: I think anybody following the company over the last few years will know that you've got a lot of retail investors interest in the stock. They've been excited with various announcements. You made the announcement, obviously, then this announcement. Do you think this is the most important announcement you've made to date?

Vlad: I think it is the most important announcement because it puts our company on the map as a company that has something absolutely unique. So this platform is truly unique and it will allow the company to target different indications, different diseases, different viruses. And this is this is something that most companies are looking for. If you look at our product candidates, they are great and they are unique in their own kind of universe because they target a specific disease, specific condition, and they do it better probably than most other approaches. But CPR is a is a platform technology that allows us to develop multiple different product candidates and partner with multiple different with multiple companies.

Zak: And is there any indication at the moment on how long it would take to monetize that or you don't you don't know yet. Is it too early?

Vlad: We we don't know how long it's going to take. So it will depend on how fast we will get in proof of principle. And then if we get it right, if we get if we demonstrate that it works in vivo, then it may go fast.

Zak: And finally, this this does sound like the sort of thing or would you think this is the sort of thing which would win a Nobel Prize? Is it that good?

Vlad: I don't think about any prizes. I think about to be honest, I think about patients and people who are suffering and dying. That's the most important thing. We have an advisor, you know, Mike Shepherd, who worked all his life on Herceptin, you know, developing a drug for breast cancer. He didn't think about any prizes and no one could even predict that he would get a prize. But after he cured I mean, after his drug, he was tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of women. Yeah, he got a prize. But I mean, what's the value of that prize? I mean, it's just a diploma. And if you if your box basically and his name is now written in history, but it would have been written in history anyway because he saved so many people.

Zak: Let us see him again. Thank you very much, indeed.

Vlad: Thank you.

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