CDX Licence Agreement

Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals #HEMO, announces that it has signed a licence agreement (theĀ “Agreement”) with Eli Lilly and Company (“Lilly”). Under this Agreement, Lilly grants the Company an exclusive worldwide licence to certain intellectual property developed by Lilly (“IP”) related to a CDX bispecific antibody for all uses, including the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (“AML”) and other blood cancers.

A lead CDX antibody candidate has been successfully created and the Company is initiating investigational new drug (“IND”)-enabling studies that include manufacturing of the antibody for animal toxicology studies and subsequent clinical trials. The work done to date fully validates the Company’s original expectations and shows wider potential applications for CDX than originally envisaged. It is now being developed for conditioning for bone marrow transplantation and also for the treatment of several blood cancers, as further described below in the section headed ‘About CDX’ below.

Confirmation at long last that Global Co is Eli Lilly, confirmation that CDX works against a whole range of targets and not just AML. With a small upfront payment but Eli expecting substantial royalties and payments down the line instead just demonstrates they know what Hemo have is worth the big bucks. In my opinion today’s announcement unlocks Hemogenyx from the bureaucracy of big business so they can get to clinical trials faster but its clear Eli Lilly are behind this project. Zero risk for Eli at this point with the ability to just buy Hemo when CDX is proven in clinical trials.