Hemogenyx Investor Presentation

A new presentation is available here dated 2nd July 2021.

Looks like the company is starting to answer investor calls for better Investor engagement, the presentation itself should also perk the ears of the pharma community. Some key takeaways:

  • Explicitly names some massive names as collaborators including Ely Lilly, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Orgenesis, Penn, Center for Cellular Immunotherapies and Global Co.
  • 6 Products in the pipeline compared with 2 previously despite the mCap substantially lower.
  • De-risked due to humanised animal studies and expect to be ready for clinical trials upon completion of IND studies.
  • Cash on hand, all indications they will be into clinical trials before any additional funding is required, and as previously stated the intention is to partner or licence products once clinical proof is achieved.

As far as small cap pharma goes Hemogenyx is the one with the biggest potential, the board of advisers and scientists are world leading and the products they are developing whilst life saving are also potentially worth billions. Due to their humanised mice models its expected that most if not all products will perform well in clinical trials which are due to begin soon. Its often the case that a small company like this would be unlisted and available only to angel investors, those that are listed would expect to be worth 100-200mil mCap. Its the unfortunate series of events that have led the company to today’s damaged SP which is bad news for the company if they ever wish to raise capital in the future but an absolute gift for investors who happen to come across the opportunity.

This should not be considered financial advice and the author is a shareholder in this company.