So what now?

As of today Hemogenyx has a Market Cap of £20mil with 980million shares.

To read the various forums you would be excused for thinking the company is a shell with nothing to offer and just a scam. But when you actually start to dig deeper its clear that big names, seriously big names, the likes of Eli Lilly and J&J are taking this company seriously. Its not a scam, its not “Fake news” the science is real, the achievements are real.

It was trading with an mCap of £50mil last year and since then every pipeline has continued to advance towards clinical proof of concept. They have the addition of CBR which is being called a “Stealth project”. They have up to £10mil cash in the bank to fund the clinical trials. I love a bargain and the deeper you dive the bigger an opportunity this appears to be. Without the impending threat of further Mint conversions or additional dilution in the immediate future this share should do extremely well.

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